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Regional Meetings & Events:

SDCLA hosts quarterly meetings throughout San Diego County, featuring speakers discussing timely topics and providing an opportunity to network with other leaders in the industry. Other events are also coordinated to promote your organization’s enrichment, employee recognition, and networking — including the annual Gold Key Awards.

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Member Programs & Training Resources:

Members of SDCLA receive special savings for a variety of hospitality products and services from our industry partners. We continually strive to increase our benefit package through new programs and partnerships.

Free Human Trafficking Prevention Training

Preventing human trafficking is not only the right thing to do, but it can also have significant legal and reputational consequences for hotels that fail to address this issue. That’s why SDCLA has partnered with Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking to offer free, industry specific training that teaches employees how to spot and stop trafficking situations.  Everyone who completes the training will receive a certificate and be in compliance with California Senate Bill 970, which requires that hotel and lodging employees who are likely to interact with victims of human trafficking undergo at least 20 minutes of human trafficking awareness training and education.  Request Human Trafficking Prevention Training

Sexual Harassment Prevention in Hospitality Training

As required by law! The State of California requires companies with 5 or more employees to provide sexual harassment prevention training for both supervisory and non-supervisory roles.  All managers and employees must complete the training course every two years. And the training of new hires or promotions must occur within six months of that event. SDCLA Members receive 15% off. Email for your discount code and instructions. Click here to learn more. 

Understanding Unconscious Bias Training

Delivering best-in-class customer service is the heart of hospitality, but unconscious bias on the part of employees, managers, or guests can immediately put great service in jeopardy. This topic is too important to settle for generic training. Understanding Unconscious Bias, a new training suite developed by ServSafe in conjunction with the Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance (MFHA) and industry professionals, shines a light on this issue with realistic scenarios meaningful to your staff — the managers and employees in the hospitality and foodservice industries. SDCLA Members receive $15% off. Email for your discount code and instructions. Click here to learn more. 

You can get training done today. Alcohol servers and managers must have been trained by August 31, 2022. 

As of July 1, 2022, the Responsible Beverage Service Training Act has gone into effect (AB 1221). The law requires that anyone who serves alcohol, manages servers, delivers alcohol, takes orders, or checks IDs at a business that serves alcohol on-site must be trained to serve alcohol legally and safely to the public by August 31, 2022. The law authorized the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) to establish the Responsible Beverage Server Training Program (RBSTP). Under the program, every alcohol server and their manager must have a valid Responsible Beverage Server (RBS) certification from ABC.

SDCLA members will receive an additional 20% off the $15 per person training provided by approved training program, ServSafe. Email for your discount code and instructions.

If you would like to purchase training for more than 100 employees, please contact Elisa Cain, Regional Sales Manager at or call (480)235-6706 for additional discounts. Click here for a flyer outlining the responsible beverage service certificate information in English & Spanish. Please click here for FAQ’s about the law. 

Class Action Settlements Now Available for SDCLA Members

San Diego County Lodging Association has partnered with Class Action Capital, a market leader in class action settlement claim management. Class Action Capital is already successfully working with a very large number of hotels and state associations across the country helping to recover substantial refunds on their behalf from several recent class action settlements. San Diego County Lodging Association will now offer these value-added services to its members.

Many hotels do not have the time, resources, or relevant data available to file a settlement claim and Class Action Capital will work with them to submit a fully comprehensive claim recovery, while minimizing the use of their employees’ time, internal resources and the risk of errors when managing claims themselves. Class Action Capital’s pricing model is simple in that we work on a commission basis whereby we receive a percentage of the client’s financial recovery and only receive our fee when our client recovers. Once you sign up for our claim management service, we will immediately get to work building and preparing a comprehensive claim.

The bottom line is we work to best position each client’s recovery from a settlement while minimizing our client’s time, use of internal resources, and the risk of mistake if they were to take on claims management on their own. Click here for a listing of applicable settlements and our claim authorization form.

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Advocacy & Government Relations:

The San Diego County Lodging Association monitors local government actions throughout San Diego county to ensure that the lodging industry’s voice is heard on issues of concern.


Networking Opportunities with Industry Leaders and Peers:

We offer opportunities to network with other leaders in the industry to exchange ideas on the issues that impact your associates, guests and business.

SDCLA Members also have access to a membership directory, including local hoteliers and industry suppliers.

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